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WELCOME TO X-CARDIO, New concept of BP


For over 100 years Blood Pressure (BP) is measured as a pair of two figures – Systolic/Diastolic, while ECG is a continuous signal. We provide a solution that produces Blood Pressure Cardio-Gram (BPCG) as an essential complimentary to ECG; thus using both ECG  and BPCG signals.

Today, continues BP is achieved only in critical care on the vital signs monitor by using an A-Line procedure. We offer to use Non-Invasive BPCG for every patient whenever we record ECG or NIBP.

PCM50 - Personal Cardiovascular Monitor

The PCM50 (Personal Cardiovascular Monitor) is the first wearable device that measures Continuous Non-Invasive Blood Pressure (BPCG).

It can transmit to a central server or any doctor/nurse approaching the patient.

PCM50 is integrated with SpO2 (and optionally ECG) continuous monitoring.

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 Allows continuous NIBP monitoring

   Disposable wrist band

   High patient comfort

   Provides essential Hemodynamic info

   Integrated with SpO2

   Low clinical risk

   Provide trend alarms

   Best cost effective solution

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