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WELCOME TO X-CARDIO, New concept of BP

What is PCM-50?

PCM50 measures continues NIBP in a safe, accurate and efficient way. With a price tag similar to existing BP Monitors, it allows to perform constant monitoring of BP for any patient admitted to the hospital, enabling early diagnosis of shock/malignant hypertension as well as any clinically significant trend.

Since it is not invasive and it uses a low bladder pressure (10-30 mmHg on radial artery), it is comfortable enough to be used for a long period.

Suggested Clinical applications

PCM-50 can be used in operation theaters where A-Line is not used, 24h monitoring for septic shock, dialysis, post operation, stress test, ABPM. Coupled with ECG, diagnosis of Hypertension, for antihypertensive drug prescription.

Essential hemodynamic information

The PCM-50 can use the BP pulse waveform analysis to compute cardiac output, central BP, augmentation Index, PWV and other hemodynamic parameters needed for detecting any trend of deterioration in cardiovascular health. The BP measurement is more accurate than NIBP, especially for children and obese patients.

Comparison Chart



 Allows continuous NIBP monitoring

   Disposable wrist band

   High patient comfort

   Provides essential Hemodynamic info

   Integrated with SpO2

   Low clinical risk

   Provide trend alarms

   Best cost effective solution

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